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Office space
to suit everyone.


Hovering above the hotspots of Stanley Square, we’ve created work environments as unique as they come.

Designed for small to medium businesses and solo professionals who like their spaces modular and their specs high, The ClassRooms bring 14 individual studios to the thick of up-and-coming Sale.

Whether you’re a growing business or a one man band.

Discover a tailored solution for your workspace requirements, whether you’re seeking private offices for your growing team or dedicated spaces for remote workers.

We provide the ideal setting where innovation thrives and connections flourish.

From fully-equipped private offices to specialised areas crafted for remote work.

Rent a whole studio with up to 8 desks or fly solo with our single desk lease options.


Perfectly suited for small
to medium businesses
and solo professionals.



Whether we’re
your hometown or
you’re an out-of-
towner, this is the
haunt to know.

It’s fitting to be set on the site of Sale’s old primary school because this is where work comes with a side of play.

Take your lunch break to the next level with foodie picks on your doorstep, step away from your screen with a stroll down the canal and clock off with Friday beers waiting right around the corner. And while we prefer our hustle and bustle with a local vibe, when the boardroom calls, it’s good to know you’re just 20 minutes away from Manchester city centre on the tram.

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